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Barbara H. / New Mexico 01/08/2018

Thank you for my first order! Beautifully prepared for shipping. I will be ordering again.

Muriel B. / Connecticut 11/06/2018

Just placed and received my first order from Benno's Buttons. I am so thrilled with your beautiful products and swift shipping. I will definitely purchase again!

Judy Y. / Marblehead, MA 02/04/2018

I received my first ever order today. I am so pleased. The quality of your product is wonderful. The service very quick. The variety you offer is phenomenal. Thank-you so much. I know I will continue to order only from Benno’s.

Jennifer B. / Fayetteville, NY 05/04/2017

I went to get my mail today and the first word out of my mouth was "Amazing"! There was the order that I had placed on Monday! Grant it, I had paid for priority mail but I had made a change to the order after it was placed and worried that the change would slow things down. But the gentleman at your company helped me make the change (said) it would all be taken care of! Plus, of course, the buttons are of the quality that I have come to expect from Benno's.
I have a small business making historically accurate clothing for my clients. I require high quality materials for my clothing and need prompt delivery and fair prices. Benno's has done all that for me in every order. Thank you for all you do to help make my business successful. Benno's will always be my company of choice for quality buttons!

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